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Design, develop and implement a Web Site for an identified audience.

The web site must demonstrate correct use of formatting, graphics, page layout, links and anchors, imagemaps, lists, tables, comment and Meta tags. The web site will be evaluated in terms of:

Presentation of content


Site Objectives

Appropriateness for intended audience

Site Structure

Navigation Solution

Browser compatibility.

Access Speed

On the following pages is a suggested checklist for your Website and a guide to the creation of your Report. The report should contain most or all of the features mentioned and be in the region of 1500 words.



Website Checklist

File Structure


Website Folder created

Video/Still images and sounds stored in the Correct Folder


Files correctly named


Design Consideration


Web Site Objectives reported on


Target Audience reported on


Site Map/Structure created


Appropriate content used


Consideration given to Access Speeds




Links, Anchors, Hit Counters,etc.


Frames used and reported on




Website viewed in various Browsers, (i.e. Netscape Navigator, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.) and reported on


Viewed at 800*600, 1024*768, 1280*1024 resolution and reported on


Web Safe fonts used and reported on




Images correctly displayed


Alternative text used for every image


Image maps used




CSS styles applied correctly


Promotion of Site


Meta Tags Used


Website uploaded to the UL Server


Submitted to search engines


Evaluation of Site


Self Evaluation of Website


Submitted to evaluation sites


Access speeds in the various Browsers reported on

Feedback Form


The report to contain a screen dump of the main page of the web site with its URL clearly Visible.


Introduction to include:

  1. Table of contents
  2. Description of Website
  3. Reasons for choice of Website

Knowledge Base

Where did you get your information?

Internet, local information, library, newspaper, magazines, your own background knowledge etc.

Is the Information correct and current?

Aims of Web site

List a few specific aims of the web site in a bulleted manner.

Website life cycle

Present a realistic work schedule.

  • Planning
  • Collecting material
  • Flowcharting/sitemaps
  • Design
  • Testing


List the URL of 5 Websites that you viewed which have similar aims to your Website.

Recommended sites

Web site 1










Evaluation of Websites

Each web site must be evaluated on the basis of

Target audience


Ease of use (friendliness)

Colours used

Graphics used

Spelling, grammar etc

Target Audience

The target audience has a big influence on the size and complexity of the design. The intended audience is?

Give details, important characteristics, etc.


Software Used

What software was used in the development of the web site?


Structure of site

Give the structure of your Website and explain why you used your model.


Show examples of the storyboard you created at the start

Navigational Rationale

Did you use a navigation bar, Rollovers, site map?

Discuss all the features that might help in navigation and then discuss what you did.

Naming of files and folders

What type of conventions did you use?
What file formats did you use and describe the options available to you i.e. jpg vs. gif etc

All Images should be stored in an images folder, sounds in a sound folder etc.


Discuss the use of fonts in general. What font did you use and why?

Colour Scheme Used

Colour scheme used

Graphic sources

Where did you get your graphics? Drawn/Manufactured, Internet, scanning, disk etc.

Did you have to edit them? How?

Did you have to optimise graphics?

Page download times.


Download times at various speeds






Web safe colours

Discuss the use of web safe colours in general and then focus on why you chose the colours you used. In Dreamweaver you can choose Windows, Assets and choose the colour and use that as a screen dump as it clearly indicates the web safe colours.

Use a screen dump from the assets section in dreamweaver.

Screen size used

Discuss screen size and resolution settings? Then explain why you used your setting

How does your site view on the different screen sizes, describe?



Use of frames

Why did you use frames?

Indicate why you used the particular set of frames and other options you may have considered.


CGI scripts

Explain CGI and describe how itís used, e.g., hit counter and forms?


Other considerations

Do you have any long pages? How did you counteract the negative effect? Anchors

Did you make any considerations as to the content of pages at top or at the left etc?

What else did you consider?

Uploading the site

Did you upload your Website to the UL? Server?

What software did you use to upload the site?


Where my site is housed

Did you upload your Website to any other ISPís or Servers? Advantages and disadvantages of each. .

This site is housed on the UL Server at the following URL:

http:// ?

Promotion of site

What Meta tags did you use?

What search engines did you add the site too.


How did you evaluate the site?

What evaluation sites did you use?

How many browsers was it tested under?

Critical Analysis of Site

You can use

Screen Dumps

A screen dump of some of the main pages should be included in your report.

  Blank assignment document


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