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Sources in the County Library.


  1. Six inch Ordnance survey map.
  2. Archeological survey map.
  3. O'Donavan's Ordnance Survey letters.
  4. Tithes Applotment (1835).
  5. Griffith's Valuation (1857).
  6. Summary Censuses of 1841 - 1891
  7. 1901 Census.
  8. 1911 Census.
  9. From O'Donovan's Ordnance Survey letters of 1838, the landlord of the townland can be identified. A search in R.J. Hayes (ed.) Manuscripts sources for the history of Irish civilization (12 vols. Boston , 1964) and Manuscript sources for the history of Irish civilization. First supplement , 1965 - 1975 (3 vols, Boston, 1979) will give references to documents in the National Archives and National Library, Manuscripts Reading Room that could involve rent rolls and leases giving earlier details of the occupants of the townland.


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