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Making family trees for the townland.

Software: Freeware

  • NEW Innovative Genealogy Software! : Get the Free Ancestry Family Tree Software--Download Now!
    Ancestry Family Tree does what NO OTHER genealogy tool can do: it combines the best family tree software with the power of the Internet.
    - Add whole "branches" to your family tree at once, not just one name at a time
    - Organize all your information in one convenient gathering place. Never need to copy data from a web site into your software program again!
    - Attach important files, documents, even photos to your tree
    - Share your tree via the Internet and even collaborate online
    Plus, using the software is very easy. Just enter names in the space provided and watch the powerful search engine return the results you want. Subscribers : Download Now and Enjoy!
    Non-Subscribers: Download Now, explore the possibilities and, if you like, upgrade later to allow increased functionality.
  • Download a Celtic Font for your PC Courtesy of
  • Free Genealogy Software Downloads from FamilySearch, a LDS web site.
  • Arbor Vita Arbor Vita is a freeware that lets you display your genealogy tree on the web by generating HTML pages.
  • Get1901DataV3b : Researchers using the Person Search or Advanced Person Search on the England and Wales 1901 Census website may find the application Get1901DataV3b useful. This allows the results of multiple searches to be collected together stored, displayed, sorted and grouped into families.
  • Bygones Bygones is a freeware software program designed primarily to keep genealogical research notes on a laptop computer. However, it also has databases that genealogists without laptops may find useful. It is available for Windows 95+ and Macintosh computers.
  • GeneWeb is a free genealogy software with a Web interface. It can be used off-line or as a Web service. It uses very efficient techniques of relationship and consanguinity computing. Available in English, French, German, Dutch and Swedish.
  • GedTree : Family Tree Website Generator Software.
  • GEDClean16: a free program which automates the task of "cleaning" the personal information about living individuals from a GEDCOM file containing genealogical data.
  • Gedcom Viewer opens a Gedcom format file, exported from your Genealogy program, and displays the full family tree - all on a single screen, even for hundreds of people.
  • GedHTree: a GEDCOM to HTML converter.
  • Cumberland Family Software - Freeware
  • Lifelinks (Free download for a limited time) : Lifelinks records medical genealogical information of your ancestors and living relatives. It tracks diseases in your family heritage, which is helpful for existing and future generations of your family lines.
  • Familia Version 1 Converts Family Tree Maker® Outline Descendant Tree to web pages. Creates an index of family members with links to corresponding pages. Builds a family photo album. Creates a list of individuals present in a group picture. An arrow tool marks each person's location in the picture. Generates a fully cross-linked web site, with a customizable first page, index of names, global list of pictures, individual lists of pictures, picture pages and family tree pages.
  • GedView A Windows program to navigate through GEDCOM files
  • GedReporter : A tool for generating reports and web sites from genealogy databases. A scripting language similar to Visual Basic allows for complete customization.
  • KStableau : You can use KStableau.exe to generate HTML files to display a graphical family tree. Such a chart is a great way to visualise your family tree. Make an ancestor or descendants chart for web publishing. You can also use it to analyse kinship (inbreeding, pedigree loss, etc.).
  • ParLoc Free UK Parish locator program
  • Transcend (Transcription of Census Data) : Transcend is a tool for use in census transcription projects for 19th century English and Welsh county censuses
  • GEDmark : When a GEDCOM file is processed through GEDmark, a source is attached to every person in the GEDCOM file, indicating your author information. You can enter as much information about yourself as you would like. This way, no matter how many times the GEDCOM file is split, imported, exported or submitted, your authorship of the research is protected.
  • 1901 Census Extractor / GuessTimator v4.0.2. This is a windows based program - it allows for an easier method of extracting data from the England & Wales 1901 Census Web Site. It is a simple program to use, and has an integrated Web Browser.
  • Ged2Ped Utility Ged2Ped is a utility that creates ancestor overview pedigree charts of someone in a GEDCOM file. It takes a GEDCOM file as input, then outputs a text file containing a pedigree chart with one person per line, and that person's birth and death year, and birth and death place.
  • Ancestral Quest software: free demo version
  • Download Legacy Family Tree 3.0 The entire program (not just a demo) is now free as the company launches the new Deluxe Edition of Legacy
  • Julian Calendar Deluxe Freeware Edition If you ever need to work with Julian dates -- then this is the program to help you find Julian dates as displayed on a regular Gregorian calendar.
  • UncleGED : a GEDCOM Reader, a GEDCOM to HTML Converter, and a GEDCOM Cataloging Tool
  • FamilyTree HouseThis site offers free family tree software and links to key genealogy sites. The software is available on-line. You can build your FamilyTree House in real time, no downloading is required.

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