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Scanning images.

picture of scanner


The flatbed scanner should be used to obtain digital images of :

  • Any old photographs that can be obtained of previous occupants of the townland.
  • A copy of the six inch ordnance survey map of the townland.
  • A copy of the archaeological survey map of the townland.
  • A copy of the Valuation Office map of the townland.
  • Any old letters written by former inhabitants of the townland.

Photographs should be scanned and edited in a program such as Paint Shop Pro. picture of paint shop pro software

The image may be cropped if there is too much background. When the image is being saved reduce the size of the image so it is no bigger than its final size on the web page.

Make sure the web toolbar is visible. Press picture of JPEG button button. On the quality tab, set the compression ratio for the image. The higher the compression ratio, the faster the image loads but also the quality is decreased. The image should be saved as a JPEG. Images should not be any bigger than 30Kb.

It is best to scan originally at the highest resolution possible for the scanner and afterwards to decrease the size of the file in a package such as Paint Shop Pro to have the images optimised for the website. If the highest resolution is not used and it is decided at some future stage to get the images printed they will need to be rescanned and may have been returned to their owner.

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