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The writing of a history of a townland involves several steps. The first is to obtain maps of the townland and surrounding areas. A map of the county should be obtained to show the location in relation to the larger towns in the county. The next map that should be obtained is the townland map of the parish.This shows the location of the townland in relation to the other townlands in the parish. Once the maps are obtained a visit to the Valuation Office will allow holdings to be identified on the townland from 1857 until 1965.Sources to be used will include:
  1. O'Donavan's Ordnance Survey letters.
  2. Tithes Applotment (1835).
  3. Griffith's Valuation (1857).
  4. Summary Censuses of 1841 - 1891
  5. 1901 Census.
  6. 1911 Census.
  7. Leases and Rent Rolls.
  8. Gravestone Inscriptions.
  9. Baptism registers for Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland .
  10. Birth registrations.
  11. Marriage registers for Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland .
  12. Valuation Office Entries.
  13. Photographs of houses (occupied and unoccupied in the townland).
  14. Old photographs of previous occupants.
  15. Interviews with present occupants.

As we accumulate data for the townland we are working on, we can follow the progress as the history of the townland of Kiltarnet in the parish of Burrishoole, Co. Mayo is put together.

A manual in Adobe Acrobat containing all the information to be covered is available. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer please click the image to download a free copy. Click here to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader

Links to external web sites will open in a new browser window. There will be a navigation bar to the left of each page on the website
A series of twelve lectures will be given and there will be a web page for each lecture.

  1. An introduction to townland history and sources
  2. The history of Kiltarnet
  3. Sources in the county library
  4. Sources in Dublin (optional field trip)
  5. Sources on the Internet
  6. Maps and mapping
  7. Photography
  8. Scanning images and image manipulation
  9. Obtaining the oral history
  10. Making the family tree
  11. Archeological findings in the townland
  12. Presentation of the finished project

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